NF Showcases: The Art Of David Hicks

Music and art have a long history together. Capturing the grace and kinetic energy of dance, the rhythms and cadences of music, in a static frame, is challenging, but that’s just what photographer David Hicks set out to do when he visited Cuba. “In Cuba,” says David, “they live for their music. It’s everything to them, and they’re very good at it. After the initial outlay of buying the instrument of choice, it’s very cheap to enjoy. There’s not much in the way of other distractions so practise is easy ! Salsa music and dancing is common, with Rumba too.”

At brief glance at David’s innovative visual documents of Cuban street life, which you can view here, will show you how much David is interested in not only the subjects, but the stories behind those subjects. Viewing them, you get a sense that music and energy are woven into the tapestry and the rhythms of humanity in that country.  Says David: “I tried to avoid the obvious photographs of the average Cuban bands doing their thing.” By capturing moments before and after musical happenings, Hicks imbues his images with tantalizing mystery.

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