News Frequencies: Tunetables

How do you store your record-collection? It’s not a question that’s often asked, even between us enthusiasts. I guess that the reason for this is that I can only think of one solution – flat-packed shelving from the likes of Ikea. Such shelving is fine, and does the job, but recently I’ve come across something much more inspiring. Tunetables is a UK-based company who produce stylish tables, based on the classic instrument-flight-case design, which double as innovative storage for vinyl, tapes or CDs.

“The Tunetables idea was borne,” says inventor/head honcho Rob Chappelhow, “out of a personal desire to have my music collection around me once again.” Inspiration came to Chappelhow during a visit to the Joe Strummer Archive exhibition in Covent Garden. Explains Chappelhow:“Set out under an acrylic plinth was Strummer’s personal tape cassette collection…his musical heritage and inspiration perfectly showcased. It was totally spellbinding. I soon started to conceptualise how I could create my own version of this…a personal time capsule of life-affirming music. I wanted something that could be inherently useful, something that I would see and use every day, and that would be a talking point for like-minded music enthusiasts.”

Check out Tunetables below: