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The Fabulous Red Diesel release fabulous track ‘Butterfly Mind’ as part of new live sessions album

I’m going to start this one by saying how amazing this song is. It takes a lot for me to get on board with a tune, but this, in my opinion, is a genuine music masterclass.

Put in a more eloquent way by jazz journalist Debbie Bourke: ‘Beyond the theatrics of make-up that’s just a little extra; peacock-feather ‘n’ tie dye shirts and a rainbow emitting disco ball lies a voice with the call of the sirens and a hot handle on the blues’.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are a unique collective to say the least. From the out-there trumpeter to the classic use of double bass, this ensemble has got the lot.

Their talent has not gone unnoticed either, with The Fabulous Red Diesel previously supporting the likes of ‘Hallelujah’ legend himself, Jeff Buckley.

Their new track ‘Butterfly Mind’ is something to behold. The vivid range of various instruments is tied together succinctly with the voice of lead singer Ms Kitty (Kat Lee-Ryan).

In her own words, the track is ‘about the way my brain works and the way music flits from one person to another, changing their perception (hopefully for the better) by tiny inspirational touches...

‘…and then it’s also a love song – I am married to the drummer and I’m saying no matter how many twists and turns and expansions my mind has, I am always grounded in him – you know I’ve got a butterfly mind but I settle on you’.

Now you’re up to date with the background of the song, let’s get into the serious stuff, the review.

Putting their stamp on the track from the start, the band open up with a gorgeous soul-jazz combo, perfectly offset by the heavy bass. After settling in to the track, we’re given another level with the introduction of the keyboard.

From the off, the timing and intelligence to marry up the instruments proves just how much talent these guys have got in their locker. Needless to say, they prove this throughout the whole of ‘Butterfly Mind’.

The relaxing notes and beat really help to mellow you out as the audience, heightening your senses as to what the band have created.

If that wasn’t enough, lead singer Kat introduces another level into this labor of love with her vocals. Using simple, effective lyrics, it means you don’t have to think too hard about what’s being said, you can just listen and appreciate.

Echoing the vocal talents of Stevie Nicks, Kat grabs ‘Butterfly Mind’ by the balls claiming control. However, she finds success in areas where other singers have struggled, by not overpowering the other components. She allows the music to express itself and have its own spotlight as the song progresses.

Don’t get me wrong, this band isn’t your run of the mill four piece. Equipped with tuba, flute and trumpet, they’re certainly something different, but if that’s what we’re calling them I’ll take all the different I can get.

To hear ‘Butterfly Mind’ follow the Spotify link below and listen to their new EP ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’

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