Nu-jazz band, Cécile Nordegg/No-Ce, releases new single Les Maux D'Amour

No-Ce Celebrates the Art of the French Chanson with their New Album!

No-Ce has just released their new album, ‘Jazz Proclamation Vol. 1&2’! Having a unique impact on the music industry, they are bringing a new experience with French jazz. No-Ce is fronted by Cécile Nordegg who was previously a successful film and TV actor in Vienna, Austria. Her band is packed with talented musicians who have already gained a known name for themselves: JP Chiche (who has had a background with successes such as Aeromsmith and Fats Domino), Andreas Pirringer, Walter Bass and Grammy Award-winning rock guitarist, Jamie Kime (rhythm guitarist for Dweezil Zappa).

The lead track for their new album is ‘Les Maux D’Amour’ and it has many rock riffs and the song is sung in an unexpectedly deep tone from Cécile. Along with how the whole song is sung beautifully in French, the track transcends language and genre. There is no doubt that No-Ce is a completely unique mix of talents all combing to create an outstanding experience that is worth seeing at the festival this year.

This year they are appearing at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, celebrating the art of the French chanson with a hint of rock n roll. The band contains a variety of instruments creating a cheery atmosphere to the music, containing the guitar, sax, flute, clarinet and piano. The combination is intriguing and creates a quite unique style of Jazz.

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