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The Fabulous Red Diesel release fabulous track ‘Butterfly Mind’ as part of new live sessions album

I’m going to start this one by saying how amazing this song is. It takes a lot for me to get on board with a tune, but this, in my opinion, is a genuine music masterclass.

Put in a more eloquent way by jazz journalist Debbie Bourke: ‘Beyond the theatrics of make-up that’s just a little extra; peacock-feather ‘n’ tie dye shirts and a rainbow emitting disco ball lies a voice with the call of the sirens and a hot handle on the blues’.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are a unique collective to say the least. From the out-there trumpeter to the classic use of double bass, this ensemble has got the lot.

Their talent has not gone unnoticed either, with The Fabulous Red Diesel previously supporting the likes of ‘Hallelujah’ legend himself, Jeff Buckley.

Their new track ‘Butterfly Mind’ is something to behold. The vivid range of various instruments is tied together succinctly with the voice of lead singer Ms Kitty (Kat Lee-Ryan).

In her own words, the track is ‘about the way my brain works and the way music flits from one person to another, changing their perception (hopefully for the better) by tiny inspirational touches...

‘…and then it’s also a love song – I am married to the drummer and I’m saying no matter how many twists and turns and expansions my mind has, I am always grounded in him – you know I’ve got a butterfly mind but I settle on you’.

Now you’re up to date with the background of the song, let’s get into the serious stuff, the review.

Putting their stamp on the track from the start, the band open up with a gorgeous soul-jazz combo, perfectly offset by the heavy bass. After settling in to the track, we’re given another level with the introduction of the keyboard.

From the off, the timing and intelligence to marry up the instruments proves just how much talent these guys have got in their locker. Needless to say, they prove this throughout the whole of ‘Butterfly Mind’.

The relaxing notes and beat really help to mellow you out as the audience, heightening your senses as to what the band have created.

If that wasn’t enough, lead singer Kat introduces another level into this labor of love with her vocals. Using simple, effective lyrics, it means you don’t have to think too hard about what’s being said, you can just listen and appreciate.

Echoing the vocal talents of Stevie Nicks, Kat grabs ‘Butterfly Mind’ by the balls claiming control. However, she finds success in areas where other singers have struggled, by not overpowering the other components. She allows the music to express itself and have its own spotlight as the song progresses.

Don’t get me wrong, this band isn’t your run of the mill four piece. Equipped with tuba, flute and trumpet, they’re certainly something different, but if that’s what we’re calling them I’ll take all the different I can get.

To hear ‘Butterfly Mind’ follow the Spotify link below and listen to their new EP ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’

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Husband and wife duo Toby & Pip team up to bring a smile to our faces in latest single ‘New Year’

So, I think we can all agree last year was a complete right off. However, here’s hoping that 2021 is the year we get our lives back together. With the announcement of lockdown 3.0, that time might be a little further away than we first thought, but the likes of Toby & Pip have given us a reason to stay positive.

Their new single ‘New Year’ encompasses the joy of having one another in our lives. Now, granted it might sound a little soppy, but it is a brilliant, heartfelt song.

The London based folk-pop duo are also a married couple. Like one half of ABBA or Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, they’ve added their names to the list of songwriting couples. However, I’m sure this marriage is far stronger than the others in the list.

The pair draw on their backgrounds in classical music; their love of cheesy pop, classic rock and folk music. Don’t ask me how it works, but it definitely does. ‘New Year’ is the third single from this truly unique duo and it doesn’t disappoint.

As the tune begins, we’re greeted to some calm, relaxing acoustic guitar melodies performed by Toby. Immediately, you get the sense this song is one to really take in and listen to the meanings behind the lyrics.

With his soothing, rich voice Toby allows the listener to do just that. I’ve only ever heard one other singer with a similar style, making me wonder if Toby was the front man for Nizlopi on their hit single ‘JCB’ before he teamed up with Pip!

Admittedly, that might be a stretch, but if it’s true then I like him even more. Just to clarify, it has nothing to do with the fact I’m called Luke…..well, maybe a little.

Not to be outdone, Pip comes in with some brilliant harmonising tones, allowing their voices to bounce off one another.

The differentiating deep and high tones in the pair’s voices marry perfectly in the song, just like the acoustic guitar and ukulele combo. Again, don’t ask how it works, it just does.

Credit: @tobypip (Instagram)

My favourite part of the song has to be the lyrics themselves however. They’re incredibly heartfelt and definitely something any listener can relate to.

Coupled with the stripped back nature of the song, everything boils down to simple components and beautifully played stringed instruments. On the surface, this appears a very basic tune, but the interwoven meaning behind it elevates the track to something far more.

If you want to listen to Toby and Pip head over to their YouTube channel with the link below:

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Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards premier their new song “Dreaming”

The new song is from the upcoming album ‘Bitter Better’ out on July 17th. The album finds the group drawing on their extensive string music background and knowledge of folk and roots music, incorporating dance-worthy foundational grooves, synth, and loops to push the boundaries of the genre. 

I was struggling with the juxtaposition of feeling more grounded, creative, and content than I have in a long time, and all the while wishing the news from back home was just a bad dream. It’s impressionist or stream of consciousness feelings.

Of the accompanying video, Laura states,

I started imagining the video even before we finished recording the song. I wanted the band to have the fun of dancing in our own music video but without feeling the pressure of not being professional dancers. By May, the whole idea was brewing in the back of my head when I arrived at the wedding of some good friends to spend the day playing music and celebrating their big day. I met one of the best friends of the bride, Annie Kahane, who, with every step she took, was unmistakeably a dancer. It turned out Annie was also a choreographer and the artistic director of Alive and Well Productions. Sometime later in the evening over a bottle of proper champagne, I told her my idea. She was instantly encouraging and excited, onboard, and asking questions to help the vision come to life. She had studied in Chicago, lived for a while in NYC, and was now based in Berkeley, CA.

“As luck would have it, the Dance Cards and I had a gig in Chicago at the beginning of August and could arrive a few days early to make the video happen. Annie found dancers. She choreographed movements for us and put me in touch with a friend, dancer, and director Monica Thomas who then helped us find our DP Rudy Rubio. In no time at all, Annie flew into Chicago to begin working with the dancers, I spent the day shopping in Oak Park trying to find a monochromatic outfit for the shoot and the band flew into Chicago. We spent the next day in Thalia Hall being coached, moving, and watching in awe as Annie, Earlyn Whitehead, Berit Godo & Camryn Babcock moved across the floor.

Watch the video for ‘Dreaming’ here

BITTER BETTER showcases Cortese and multi-instrumentalist producer Sam Kassirer (Lula Wiles, Lake Street Dive) striving to capture the most adventurous approach to each moment. While the album’s 11 tracks provide relief and release, they also encourage self-examination and personal discovery—the work that is necessary to sustain the energy needed to keep striving, to connect, and to continue to make our complicated world a better place. 

With BITTER BETTER, Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards throw out the rule book, creating a beautifully vivid, musically unexpected canvas from their refreshingly unconventional perspective.

Pre-order BITTER BETTER here.


Plàsi releases new EP ‘Where I Belong’

Plàsi is releasing a new EP next week and we are so there for it! 

When speaking about the new EP, Plàsi said:
“The story is coherent, I’m playing with different types of musical moods, because the EP is basically about me finding my way back to where I belong. During many years, I actually went away from music and tried to distance myself from it. It’s easy to put yourself in different boxes: lawyer, doctor, economist, and so on. Music was always my passion. As I grew up however, different options were presented, so I took time off from it. The EP recalls when I was young and time didn’t matter. I eventually realized music was exactly what I should be doing, and I shouldn’t be afraid to let that passion back into my life.”

Plàsi’s music has gathered over 40 million streams since his debut in 2016 and has been critically acclaimed in international media. He has supported the likes of Henry Jamison, José González and Hollow Coveson on the road, in addition to his first European headline tour and performances at festivals such as Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic.

In the midst of a brief break from tour, he retreated to the Julian Alps in Slovenia with bandmates and producers Linus and Hannes Hasselberg. Holing up in a remote mountainside cottage, they spent four full days recording what would become Where I Belong. In between, they hiked through the woods, enjoyed hidden lakes, and inhaled the fresh air.
“I wanted this to be part of an experience for everyone involved,” he states. “We took the songs to a place where we all felt very close to earth and to nature. That part of the story is very important to me. It’s hard to reproduce the same feeling in a studio on a normal day. We were in a country my producers had never been to. There was a unique feeling of being in the middle of the mountains that I hadn’t experienced in many other places. We felt a little bit like kids, because we were in a place we wouldn’t normally be, and everything was exciting around the process. 

Threaded together by intimately organic soundscapes and entrancing vocal transmissions, he wholeheartedly embraced his purpose on the 2020 EP, ‘Where I Belong’.

‘Where I Belong’ will be released May 29th on Nettwerk!

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Devi Charmian, folk rocker with unique name is a unique talent as star studded band prove.

When you know something is good, you know it is good, and the  minute we heard Charmian Devi’s new music we just new it was special, maybe at present we are in a more contemplative mood …that is a legitimate mood isn’t it? Well you know the vibe, the world is falling apart, and you need to escape so come with us and escape into Charmian’s music, but you will need a few minutes as there is a lot to take on board and we thought we would do you the big honour of being able to digest the full information from Charmian’s messengers …ok well they are PR people actually but we have so much respect for them and this super sonic act we thought, hey why not have the whole thing. So are you ready, here it is… “Charmian Devi has a unique gift for arrangements and composition. Vocals are sweet and sultry. She has talent and her music a sultry and fresh effort.” – Michele McManmon, The LA Indie Music Examiner.

“‘Such a Disgrace’ is the exact opposite with her song. It’s a groovy soul that makes your go out to her.”

Folk-rock trooper, Charmian Devi, doesn’t do things by halves – not content with already writing two of this year’s most infectious and seething rock songs, she assembled a band featuring some of rock’s most revered names to do it: guitarist Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group); Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan’s bass player since 1989; Tom Waits; Paul Simon) and Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, not to mention the talented work of Marc Urselli behind the production desk (six-times nominated and three-times Grammy award winner: Lou Reed; Mike Patton; Keith Richards; ZZ Top and many more!) Proving her standing among these rock luminaries, Charmian Devi is your new rock hero.

Watch the promo video for No Peace here:

…and the lyric video for Radio of None here:

Based in Canada, after her father emigrated from London to Montreal, Charmian Devi has spent her life as a musician, from melodic garage bands through to lead singer and songwriter for 90s punk band, Wretched Ethyl who became one of Canada’s most talked-about bands, opening for the likes of Seattle grunge legends, 7 Year Bitch and punk icons, Nomeansno. Their demise after four fraught years sadly coincided with the tragic death of her husband – it was from the burning embers of this dark and harrowing time that Charmian Devi relocated to London for two years to rebuild her life. Still haunted by her turbulent past, she returned to Canada and a new Charmian emerged, a songwriter and musician who was truly able to crystallise her experiences and express them through her music.

“I really enjoyed recording with Charmian Devi…her songs remind me of bands like the

Velvet Underground, raw intuitive and in-tune with the times” 

Bassist, Tony Garnier

Dedicated to a life in music and resolutely opposed to authoritarian regimes and dogma, Charmian is the embodiment of everything rock n roll stands for: truth; revolution and unyielding artistry. Her latest single, Radio of None is available on 8th April.

“I’ve really enjoyed producing Charmian because there are fewer and fewer artists today that play inspired & raw folk/rock music and are not trying to polish everything to sound more commercial. Her music speaks the truth and she puts all of herself into her songs. That’s also why I wanted to use musicians that are comfortable in an environment of spontaneous music that’s rough around the edges but carries a meaning and an attitude. Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth are all raw and unapologetic and make great rock and/or folk music with powerful lyrics and meanings, so choosing Lenny, Tony and Steve was an obvious choice because that is exactly what Charmian does too!”

Three-times Grammy Award-winning producer, Marc Urselli









MORTEN LAVA Release Nordic Indie Pop Track ‘Colour Me’

Releasing his new single ‘Colour Me’ officially on March 8thMorten Lava takes a departure from the acoustic folk-rock roots of his debut EP and explores the use of soft synths and samples in an indie-pop environment whilst still evoking his trademark folky, alternative feel. The single is accompanied by a music video shot in the beautiful woods of Sweden, emphasizing the themes of misperception and individuality through bold colours and scenic nature.

Hailing from Denmark and rooted in the Nordic, folk-infused sounds of his home country, Morten’s music creates an ethereal soundscape in which he weaves conceptual stories, exploring elements of indie, alternative and pop.

Inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Beck and Joni Mitchell, Morten crafted his sound further when he relocated to London in 2017, bringing out an acoustic, indie-folk flavor in his lyrics about life and progress. This culminated in the release of his debut EP ‘In A Daydream’ on June 6, 2018, a showcase of the 22-year-old’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Through 5 playful tracks Morten dives into the concept of daydreaming as an escape from the struggles of real life through raw vocals, emotionally gripping songwriting and an epic atmosphere.