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X-Factor star Melanie Masson releases new interpretation of Future Island’s hit ‘Seasons’

TV sensation Melanie Masson has treated us to her second self-released single, ‘Seasons’. Originally performed by soul band Future Island, she gives us her unique take on the classic.

The version has garnered praise from members of the original hit band, particularly from the likes of William Cashion who said it was ‘a beautiful version’.

The famous links don’t stop there though. This time round, Melanie recruited Eastenders star Simone Lahbib to help produce a truly brilliant video.

Picture: @melanie.masson.official (Instagram)

When speaking about why she decided to remake ‘Seasons’ in particular, Melanie said:

‘I loved the melody and lyrics to Seasons and really connected to it. It felt very reflective yet optimistic and that’s the mood I wanted to create for the video. It feels like we’re all in the same challenging situation right now. We all have our struggles, our ups and down but there’s always hope. It’s about hanging on to what’s important, taking strength from that and holding onto the belief that better days are coming. It’s a message to everyone to hang on in there’.

Having shot to fame on our televisions on the nation’s favourite talent show X-Factor, the singer has been forging her own success following her appearance on the programme, from recording her own tracks on EMI records to touring the world with household names like Pink and Stereophonics

Picture: Business Insider

With a lineage like that, it’s clear to see why her latest release is so impressive. Brining in a touch of modernity, the first few bars mimic the indie pop vibe we’ve come to love. The classic combo of orchestral sounds with rock guitar set a great benchmark for what’s to come.

Melanie’s voice is the epitome of modern soul; her rich, deep tones echo around your ears showing immediately the talent she is capable of. The whole song generates a relaxing vibe with its melody and use of instruments, staying true to the key characteristics of the songs origin.

However, not to be silenced, Melanie uses the incredible power in her voice to ensure she doesn’t lose any impact in the song. This is something she carries right through until the end, perfectly illustrating her talents and wide breadth of ability in the world of singing.

To give ‘Seasons’ a listen yourself, follow the link below


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