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Araya gives insight to a different world with debut album ‘Atlas’

During the pandemic, Araya kept his focus solely on his music, working hard to perfect his new album ‘Atlas’.

In his debut album, the Thai-Chilean singer songwriter covers a vast array of themes from inclusivity to identity. Heavy hitting topics, but ones that he does justice:

‘As the project neared completion, I had felt like a weathered superhero amongst my own set of avenger accomplices; I had just felt so comfortable, confident and able. It wasn’t until I stepped out of the way of my own self; put my worries and anxieties aside to nurture my dreams that I felt able to feel an honest safety in myself and my people.’

Having been writing from the age of 10, Araya also uses music as a medium to comprehend and channel his emotions:

‘I think music has provided me a space to dissect my thoughts and experiences in an organic way that is lasting. The drafts of both my perspective and choices come to represent me and my journey’.

This view is something that is clear to see in his music as well, most notably in the album’s lead track ‘Color Palette’.

With a modern electronic vibe, Araya kicks things off in a truly up-to-date fashion. Comparable to the latest chart music from artists like Dave or The Weeknd, this is a tune the modern listener will really enjoy.

Personally, it’s not to my taste, but the craftsmanship in the production of this album is something to be admired. He uses a simple beat to allow the listener to focus on the lyrics, honing in on the themes and topics Araya covers.

For me, the most impressive part if this track is the bass. It gives the song a really strong foundation, allowing the lyrics to stand out from the music. Providing this opportunity to breathe means he can really get his point across.

Towards the end, the track changes style and allows the guitarist to really show what he’s made of. The groovy melody is a brilliant change from the hard-hitting, blunt beat we’d heard before. Not only does it adapt the style, but it allows a change of pace to end the song slowly rather than abruptly.

To top it off, the track finishes with a slow-mo version of the lyrics, adding yet another dimension to this multi-layered track. If this is anything to go by, then the album is sure to be a success.

Have a listen to ‘Color Palette’ here and see what you think to this new and exciting artist.

If you like what you’re hearing then do not fear, ‘Atlas’ is set for release on 23rd January, so not long to wait!

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