Uno Prism is bringing the ‘vibes’ to nu-jazz electronica


Though the vibraphone or ‘vibes’ has been around since Louis Armstrong’s era (circa 1930), it’s an instrument that’s slipped in and out of popular culture. But this seems set to change once again with the introduction of Uno Prism aka Emma Welsby, whose slick nu-jazz inflected electronica combines a vibes expertise with bone-rattling bass rhythms, sweeping cinematic strings, gossamer-like vocals and electronic thrums. Though her weapon of choice may seem obscure to many, her sound will resonate with fans of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra and Boards of Canada.

Despite being likened to the more commercially-appealing experimentalists, Emma boasts a classical background in percussion. In her former years she racked up accolades such as BBC Young Musician of the Year quarter finalist and BBC Fame Academy finalist, before going on to play drums at festivals around Europe for Harley Davidson motorbikes and contributing to a number one hit album. Having garnered a reputation as an in-demand percussionist, Emma is now utilizing her talents in a songwriting capacity.

Emma first picked up the pen during the aftermath of a break-up and in the wake of a Crohn’s Disease diagnosis. Not only did the songwriting process provide her with the catharsis she needed, but it also proved a ‘decompression from life’. Uno Prism’s eclectic sound provides the carefully woven layers of sound which allow you to truly immerse yourself in a world which is free from everyday demands.

The name Uno Prism represents herself (Uno) and the prism of people around her that she needs to translate the sonic soundscapes in her mind for the real world.

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