Lady Geraldine triumphs over tragedy with cathartic album ‘Little Miss Blue’


Often, the most captivating storytellers have survived the greatest tragedies. This couldn’t ring more true of  Lady Geraldine, an artist who has triumphed over a lifetime of heartbreak in order to deliver most recent masterpiece ‘Little Miss Blue’. The Scottish singer spent her former years profoundly deaf until an operation in her early twenties partially recovered her hearing. Gaining just a part of this sense ignited her love of music in a way no-one who has always been able to hear could possibly imagine.

But for every triumph, a tragedy followed. Geraldine suffered through an abusive and violent marriage before the clouds parted once again and she found solace in two successful businesses, which then led her to a legendary producer and songwriter. The pair got chatting and it became clear that there was a natural affinity and his background with the likes of Wet, Wet, Wet through to Big Country, touched an emotional chord with her. Together, they went on to pen the songs that would make up ‘Little Miss Blue’, an embodiment of Geraldine’s stoicism and an ode to female empowerment.

Lady Geraldine is our cover star for this week’s New Frequencies playlist. Listen to the title track from ‘Little Miss Blue’ below.


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