Ricardo Bacelar presents his Brazillian fusion album 'Sebastiana'

Sebastiana is the only Brazillian Fusion album you need to hear


Ricardo Bacelar’s third album ‘Sebastiana’ transcends musical styles and extends way beyond trends and fashions. Through a combination of improvisation, meticulous composition and intense studio work, Ricardo has created a timeless release which is evocative, inspiring and often deeply moving.

Ricardo Bacelar presents his Brazillian fusion album 'Sebastiana'

The deluxe LP and CD packages features a booklet containing imagery from the studio sessions, landscapes which inspired some of the tracks and the distinctive artwork of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti.

‘Sebastiana’ is available to stream and buy as MP3/CD/Vinyl here.

Watch the video for ‘Nothing Will Be As It Was’ below.

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