Maria Ragno shares almighty piano arrangement ‘The Sound of Leaves’

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Mario Rago has unveiled her clamorous piano arrangement The Sound of Leaves. The piece marries seismic chords with spiralling melodies, resulting in a sound that is as stimulating as it is challenging.

Born in Sicily, now residing in Illinois USA, Rago equipped herself with virtuosic piano chops at Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon, France. Though somewhat of a globetrotter, the pianist claims she takes the most inspiration from firey reds and dazzling gold hues of her native island. That, and leaves.

Hence the title, The Sound of Leaves is a composition she wrote to celebrate the relationship between herself and her natural surroundings. Using leaves as a metaphor for our lives, the combination of Maria’s exceptional musicianship, the sumptuous video and poignant message is something that will intrigue, move and engage listeners of all tastes. Appropriately, her music video sees her playing a baby grand in an earthy environment…

Watch the video for The Sound of Leaves below: