Everyone’s talking about the remarkable story of this Costa Concordia pianist


What started out as an average Friday at work, ended in devastating tragedy for one musician. Antimo Magnotta was resident pianist aboard the cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, when it tragically sank in 2012, claiming 32 lives. Miraculously, the Italian survived the shipwreck, only by chanting his daughter’s name which gave him ‘superhuman’ strength in the treacherous conditions. Needless to say, he was far from unscathed; having lost some of his fellow musicians in the wreck, the disaster left him riddled with survivor’s guilt, which took a toll on his career and his marriage in turn.

For the sake of his young daughter, Antimo moved to the UK to rebuild his life, taking a waiter’s job in order to provide for them. A remarkable chain of events led to him becoming pianist-in-residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Café, where he finally found time to document musically the extraordinary events of the past few years.

Forthcoming album ‘Inner Landscape’, due for release on March 15, was written in memory of the 32 lives that were lost on the Costa Concordia. The tribute features devastating track ‘32’, in which the main melody is formed by 32 notes, each one an ode to the victims. It’s a courageous, artistic and inspirational effort that illuminates Magnotta’s remarkable and tragic story.

You can hear Antimo Magnotta tell the full story to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 here.

Inner Landscape is due for release on March 15, this year.

Watch Antimo’s Ted Talk, ‘Seven Short Horn Blasts and a Long One: Starting Over with Music’ below.

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